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For Service & Sales, Call : 1-586-772-8350
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At UTSI, we provide you with all of your packaging needs.

We stock brands from several different US manufacturers and provide in-house tool and equipment repair.

UTSI specializes in sales and service on all makes and models of:

  • Power strapping equipment
  • Stretch wrap systems
  • Shrink bundling systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • PLC support
  • Robotics
  • Hand strapping tool repair

Our Staff

  • Chris Izzi (Systems / Supply Specialist)
  • Brian Koziarski (Systems / Supply Specialist)
  • Charles Izzi (Systems / Supply Specialist)
  • Eva Koziarski (Supply Specialist)
  • Ronni LaBeau (Customer Service, Account Manager)
  • Matt Griffith (Strapping and Packaging Specialist)
  • Jeremiah Lundberg (Tool and Equipment Specialist)

Have any questions? Contact us below! We usually respond within a few business days of being contacted and are looking to assist you in any way we can.


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