Determine the Best Stretch Wrapper Packaging Solutions For Your Business

Businesses always look for the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions. One popular option is stretch wrapper machines that wrap a stretch film around a pallet of products, providing stability and protection during transportation and storage. With many stretch wrapper options available, which machine would best fit your business needs?

This post will explore the options available and how to find the correct wrapping machines to increase productivity and overall quality.

Questions Before Buying a Wrapping Machine

Before beginning the process of finding the best machine to complete your orders, here are some important questions to start with:

  • What are my current wrapping needs?
  • What are the specifications for the pallets and objects we work with?
  • What space do I have when working on an order?
  • What is the current budget for a machine purchase?
  • Do I need a semi-automatic or an automatic wrapper?

Having determined the wants and needs for your operation, you can then move on to selecting between the different types of machines available and determining if manual, semi-automatic, or automatic wrappers would work best.

Types of Stretch Wrappers

Unique Technical Services specializes in several types of stretch wrappers, including semi-automatic and automatic. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers require manual labor, while automatic stretch wrappers are fully automated.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

The most common types of semi-automatic stretch wrappers are:

Turntable Stretch Wrappers: Turntable stretch wrappers rotate the pallet as the stretch film is applied, ensuring a consistent wrap. These machines are easy to use and are ideal for wrapping pallets of uniform size and weight.

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers: Rotary arm stretch wrappers keep the pallet stationary while the stretch film is applied. The rotary arm moves around the pallet, ensuring a consistent wrap. These machines are ideal for wrapping pallets of different sizes and weights.

Orbital Stretch Wrappers: Orbital stretch wrappers apply the stretch film horizontally and work best for wrapping long and narrow products, such as pipes and lumber.

WRING-500 - Ring

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

The most common types of automatic stretch wrappers are:

Turntable Automatic Stretch Wrappers: Turntable automatic stretch wrappers are similar to semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers, but they are fully automated. Some models can wrap up to 80 pallets per hour and are ideal for businesses requiring a high pallet wrapping volume.

Rotary Arm Automatic Stretch Wrappers: Rotary arm automatic stretch wrappers are similar to semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers but are fully automated and can wrap up to 100 pallets per hour.

Robotic Automatic Stretch Wrappers: Automatic stretch wrappers use robotic arms to apply the stretch film. They are highly customizable and can wrap pallets of different sizes and shapes, making them an excellent fit for jobs that require a high degree of flexibility in the packaging process.

How Stretch Wrappers Work

Stretch wrappers wrap a stretch film around a pallet of products to provide stability and protection during transportation and storage. The stretch film is typically polyethylene and is available in different thicknesses.

The pallet is first placed on the turntable of the stretch wrapper. The film is then attached to the pallet and wrapped around it as the turntable rotates. The amount of stretch applied to the film can be adjusted to ensure the pallet is wrapped tightly.

Stretch wrappers can also be programmed to apply a specific number of wraps or tension to the film. This ensures consistency and reduces the risk of product damage during transportation.

Benefits of Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers offer several benefits to businesses, including:

Improved Stability: Stretch wrapping provides stability to the pallet, preventing products from shifting or toppling over during transportation.

Reduced Product Damage: Stretch wrapping helps protect products from moisture, dust, and other contaminants during transportation and storage, reducing the risk of damage.

Cost Savings: Stretch wrapping reduces the need for additional packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, reducing packaging costs.

Increased Efficiency: Stretch wrappers can wrap pallets quickly and efficiently, saving time and labor costs.

Choosing the Right Stretch Wrapper

When choosing a stretch wrapper, businesses should consider factors such as the volume of pallets to be wrapped, the weight and size, and the level of automation required. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are suitable for businesses that do not require a high volume of pallet wrapping, while automatic stretch wrappers are better suited for companies that do.

Meanwhile, turntable, rotary arm, and orbital stretch wrappers are the most common semi-automatic stretch wrappers. In contrast, the most common automatic stretch wrappers are turntable, rotary arm, and robotic stretch wrapper packaging solutions.

Work With Unique Technical Services

Unique Technical Services offers a wide range of stretch wrapping options from the industry’s most well-known and trusted manufacturers. The list includes products with different weight capacities, lifting options, pallet sizes, and load speeds, making us an ideal partner for businesses with both small and large operations. Contact us today to learn about our products, stretch wrapper packaging solutions, and repair options.

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