5000 Semi-Automatic L-Sealers

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The 5000 Series L Sealers are heavy-duty production console sealers which have a powered automatic package take-away conveyor. With the automatic take-away conveyor, the operator can produce up to fifty percent more packages in any production period. There are two types of sealers in the 5000 Series; an air operated unit and an electromagnetic unit. With the air operated unit, the arm is actuated by an air cylinder. The operator, after inserting a package in the film and moving the package to the seal area, pushes two buttons on the front of the machine starting the sealing cycle. While the next package is being inserted by the operator, the sealing arm automatically seals the package, returns to the up position, and the package is automatically conveyed to the shrink tunnel. The electromagnetic unit operates in the same sequence except that the arm is brought into the sealing position manually by the operator. This actuates the magnetic hold-down and initiates the automatic cycle to complete the package and move it automatically to the shrink tunnel.

Electronically timed 0 to 5 seconds pressure dwell control is standard. This is a requirement when sealing polyolefin films. The 0 setting permits the sealing of PVC and polyethylene films.

Solid state electronic controller with an internal adjustable heat compensator provides positive sealing element temperature with every cycle.

Optional film inverting head and power unwind system permits the inline feeding of the product, for easy transfer of package into the seal area.