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Titan Drop Sealer and Bagmaster Wicketed Bag Opener

Titan Gravity Slide Drop Sealers and Bagmaster™  Bag Openers create a complete fill and seal packaging system. This extensive line of bag openers and gravity slide drop sealers is designed for using wicketed bags in high speed semi-automatic bag sealing.  Applications include tortillas, bread, ice cream bars, apparel, textiles, and industrial products. The Bagmaster wicketed bag opener and Titan gravity slide drop Sealer virtually eliminates manual bag handling and the need for skilled operators.

Using the Titan drop sealer and Bagmaster wicketed bag opener, a single untrained operator can achieve up to 30 bags per minute! These two units work exceptionally well as stand alone units and when combined they can triple output over manual bagging and sealing.

Drop sealers for high speed semi-automatic packaging

The operator simply loads wicketed bags into the bag magazine of the Bagmaster bag opener, which holds up to several hundred bags. A blower automatically opens the top bag, holding it open for the operator. The bag opener has optional articulating product guides that shape the opening of the bag to the product being packaged. These guides turn the bag into a rigid container making it possible to get an incredibly tight fitting bag around the most difficult products. Once the bag is loaded, the operator tears it off the wicket and pushes it to the drop sealer. A photo eye on the drop sealer detects the presence of a bag and stop pins keep the bag in place. The pneumatic seal bar then comes down and automatically seals the bag and trims the excess scrap, which is removed by the compressed air scrap removal system. Finally, the holding pins retract and the bag slides down the rest of the way. Because the drop sealer works with gravity, there is no need for any internal conveyor system. The drop sealer can even be equipped with an optional air expeller to force the air out of the bag prior to sealing, reducing the volume of the product being packaged.

Tailor the system to the packaging operation

The Titan gravity slide drop sealer is available in a range of sealing configurations, depending on the bag material and desired final package appearance. These configurations include heated round trim wire, flat impulse seal, or heated round trim wire with flat impulse seal. The drop sealer works with a range of bag styles, including flat, wicketed, and staple pack. The Titan wicketed bag sealer is available in seal lengths of 14″ & 25″ and comes standard with a 4″ jaw opening (8″ opening optional).

Bagmaster wicketed bag openers and Titan gravity slide drop sealers are high production bag sealing machines built for single or multi-shift environments. This packaging system is available in two model groups that can handle bags up to 25 inches wide with automatic trim sealing to produce a clean seal on the bottom of the bag.

The Bagmaster Bag Opener and Titan Gravity Slide Drop Sealer is made in the USA and includes a 2 year limited warranty.

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