Bench Mounted Sealers

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For foods, retail products and industrial supplies. A model for every bag size up to 36″; a jaw for every bag material and a seal as strong as the bag itself. Greater durability and operation equal to more expensive methods of sealing.


  • Heat indicator assists in proper temperature selection.
  • For minimum wear and maximum service, there’s only one moving part.
  • Accurate thermostat controls sealing temperature of upper and lower jaws for
    strong, attractive, watertight seal.
  • Strong 1/4″ seal matches bag strength; wide seal available.
  • Red safety pilot warns operator that jaws are hot; reminds operator to turn
    off machine at end of day.
  • Choice of jaws: Teflon®, plain metal, and serrated metal.
  • Simple to maintain in the field. All electrical components easily replaced
    in minutes without special tools.
  • All sealing jaw surfaces are heated evenly by durable heating cartridge. No
    hot or cold spots.