Clamco Bench Mounted Sealers

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Clamco Bench Mounted Sealers

Perfect for packaging food, coffee, retail & industrial products, the dependable Clamco Bench Mounted Constant Heat Sealer allows you your choice of jaw to match your packaging requirements.

Available in 12″ and 24″ seal lengths with flat, serrated, or PTFE-covered jaws. This Clamco sealer offers greater durability and operation than more expensive sealing methods.

All models have a foot-pedal assembly, perfect for mounting to the optional stand. The Clamco manufactured stand complements the sealer, featuring tilt-top convenience, adjustable height, and a bag rest.

These machines are made in the USA and include a 1-year limited warranty.

Adjustable Stand Model 825

Designed for use with all Clamco Bench Mounted Sealers.

Complete your manual sealing operation by matching our Clamco Bench Mounted Sealer with a Clamco Adjustable Stand. The Clamco manufactured stand is designed to complement the sealer with a large tray that tilts to a 20° angle. The Model 825 Stand comes with pre-drilled holes to securely mount your Clamco sealer and your foot pedal assembly into the operating position. The stand features adjustable height in .75” increments and multiple positions to mount the bag rest.

The stand is constructed of heavy-duty powder-coated steel to last through many years of production use.

The Clamco Adjustable Stand is made in the USA and includes a 1–year limited warranty.

Choice Of Jaws

• 1” flat
• 1” flat PTFE covered
• 1” serrated
• 1/4” flat PTFE covered

Temperature Control

Thermostat controls the sealing temperature of the upper & lower jaws for strong, hermetic seals.

Even Heating

All sealing jaw surfaces are heated evenly by durable heating cartridge, eliminating hot or cold spots

Safety Light

Red safety pilot light warns the operator that jaws are hot while jaws are wrapped with seal guards for protection