Clamco Electro-Sealer™ Bag Sealer

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Clamco Electro-Sealer
Constant Heat Sealer

The Clamco Electro-Sealer is designed to provide high production rates for sealing poly bags. The Electro-Sealer ensures consistent heat seals in polyethylene, anti-stat, and other poly materials. Clamco Electro-Sealers come standard with adjustable dwell and 50 RPM motor.

The Electro-Sealer Constant Heat Sealer is made in the USA and includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Pick Your Mode

Manual and semi-automatic modes allow for manual use or semi-automatic use where the operator must keep up with the cycle rate of the machine to enhance or manage productivity.

Constant Heat

The constantly heated aluminum jaw allows for the sealing of the toughest, hard-to-seal bag materials including heavy poly, aircraft, and anti-static bags.


The motorized unit drives the seal jaw using a foot-switch activation or can be set to repeat at 25 cycles per minute. The motorized jaw assembly produces consistent seals by assuring even pressure through the entire seal area.