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Cornerboard and Edge Protectors are manufactured from multiple layers of paperboard, laminated with glue and formed into a rigid right angle. This process yields exceptional strength for load stability and packaging protection.

Cornerboard and Edge Protectors are available in more than 100 sizes that can be shipped almost immediately to anywhere in the country, or can be made-to-order and shipped in less than 2 weeks.

Cornerboard and Edge Protectors reduce shipping costs and product damage, improve customer satisfaction and provide superior load stability. They are efficient and environment-friendly methods of reducing customer rejection rates.

Cornerboard and Edge Protectors provide opportunities to add value to unitized loads through distinct printing options.
Your product can be printed with company name, logo, handling instructions or a special message. Printing increases product visibility and name recognition, providing low cost advertising and improved package and product image. Printing requires a 2-3 week lead time and a minimum order quantity to qualify.

Ordering Cornerboard
When ordering cornerboard, you will need to specify leg length, caliper and board length. If the request is a stocked size, it will be shipped F.O.B. the next day. Other sizes are shipped as customized orders within 2 weeks.