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Manual Tensioners and Sealers for plastic strapping

Unique Technical Services (UTSI) Provides technical support for a range of plastic tensioners and sealers designed for use with plastic strapping. These manual tools are essential for securing loads in various industrial and commercial settings. The plastic tensioners apply the right amount of tension to the strapping, ensuring that packages are tightly bound. Following the tensioning process, the sealers seal the strapping securely, completing the process of securing the load.

UTSI prides itself on providing high-quality, durable equipment that meets the demands of rigorous packaging and shipping operations. These tools are engineered for reliability and ease of use, making them suitable for small-scale and large-scale applications. Whether you are bundling items for shipping or storage, UTSI’s plastic tensioners and sealers help maintain the integrity and safety of your packages.

Additionally, UTS offers comprehensive customer support and service, ensuring clients get the most out of their equipment. For businesses seeking reliable solutions for their strapping needs, UTSI provides the tools and expertise to ensure efficient and effective load securing.