Sidnode GripPack Sealer & Tensioner

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Sidnode GripPack Sealer & Tensioner

Escape the burden of heavy and immobile pneumatic tools with the GripPack steel strap sealer and tensioner. This latest innovation is the perfect solution for operators who require portability and low weight without sacrificing power and performance. The GripPack tools are equipped with advanced features that enhance productivity and deliver consistent results, eliminating the air generation costs and inconveniences associated with pneumatic tools.

The lightweight and durable design of the GripPack tools provides easy handling and operation. The one-button operation and performance-enhancing features make them ideal for heavy-duty hand tool applications that require the application of steel strapping. With these tools, operators can increase their productivity and achieve optimal results without the limitations of pneumatic tools.

GripPack Sealer Features:

  • Double notch design improves speed of application and consistency of joints.
  • LED light illuminates green when ready to seal to avoid accidental discharge.
  • Strap detection system eliminates accidental cycling.
  • 240 double notches per charge.

GripPack Tensioner Features:

  • Automatic and manual modes.
  • 120 cycles per charge.
  • Up to 1,500 lbs. (6 670 N) of tension.

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