Strapack RQ-8CR/FR Roller-Driven Strapping Machine

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The reliability, speed, ease of operation, and low maintenance costs of the RQ-8 roller-driven strapping machines are now available on a bundling machine designed specifically for the corrugated industry. The RQ-8CR/FR features a high cycle speed, easy strap loading, auto re-feed and loop ejection, lubrication free operation and safe dual tensioning. It incorporates a 1650mm x 500mm (65″ x 20″) arch, top compression, a driven roller conveyor table and runs 5mm or 6mm (1/4″) strap to facilitate the requirements of corrugated container production. For production settings with high output requirements, the RQ-CR/FR has an optional dual strap dispenser and automatic strap coil transfer system. This optional system is designed to prevent any costly production stoppages due to strap coil changes.

Proven Design

The production-proven of the RQ-8 roller-driven strapping machine design is now available in a model specifically tailored for the demands of high-speed bundling.

Simple Operation

The automatic strap threading system makes loading a new coil of strap both quick and simple.

Reliable Performance

Minimal moving or wear parts, dual tensioning system, pulsating heater system, and a lubrication-free, electric sealing head design deliver years of wear-free, low maintenance operation in high volume production environments.