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The RQ-8CSD is the most dependable standard strapping machine developed yet. Its innovative design is the most reliable general-purpose strapping machine on the market. It features easy strap loading, auto re-feed and loop ejection, lubrication-free operation, and safe dual tensioning. With the reputation of having the lowest maintenance costs of any strapping machine available, there is a wide range of options available to customize the RQ-8CSD strapping machines to meet the needs of your application. Reliability, speed, ease of operation, innovative design, and low maintenance costs make this machine the most cost-effective machine available today.


Increased Productivity

The RQ-8CSD can straighten and strap up to 20 bundles/min with an adjustable conveyor speed of up to 60 m/min (197 ft/min). This level of productivity allows you to maximize line production.

Quality Bundles

The bundles are squared from all four sides and strapped straight. This eliminates additional operator handling at the load-building station and improves throughput. Safety covers are also put in to decrease the risk of injury.


The strapping machine is detachable and can be removed from the squaring system and replaced with a spare machine. This makes maintenance easy and reduces production downtime. The strapping machine can also be used as the stand-alone RQ-8CR/FR bundler.

Simple Operation

The RQ-8CSD comes equipped with a touchscreen interface, simplifying operation. This feature makes it easier to program various setup parameters and view operational or troubleshooting data.