Strapack SQ-800IR3 Strapping Machine

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The SQ-800IR3 incorporates all of the advanced benefits of the SQ-800 including self-loading, refeed and loop ejection packaged in an attractive and compact body that is pleasing to any shop floor.

The newly designed special high-speed sealing head can achieve 51 bundles per minute without compromising the tension strength. With the integrated foot pedal under the body, as well as an internal reel, the SQ-800IR3 offers a safe operation. The handles on both sides of the machine body, together with oversized casters, make the machine easy to maneuver in a limited space. The machine is easy to install and operates on a common household power supply.


Hands-Free & Compact

High-speed strapping machine that is space-efficient design with internal reel unit utilizing a standard size strap coil. This strapping machine's compact body is ideal for printing and mailing applications. The integrated foot arm switch under the body provides
hands-free operation.


Standard trapping rate is 60 straps/min, even when a tension is applied. The machine is ready to operate in less than 25 seconds, contributing to increased packaging line efficiencies.

Less Dusting and Less Moving Parts, with Self-Lubricating Design

The upgraded sealing head utilizing DC motors means less moving parts and less dusting from plastic strapping. It also reduces the maintenance cost. Strapack's signature self-lubricating design
also reduces wear and tear, allows for easier maintenance, and increases the operational life of the machine.