Strapack SQ-800S Strapping Machine

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With a miniaturized slide table 23.5mm wide, the SQ-800S can strap small bundles that other machines simply cannot handle as polypropylene strapping vs polyester strapping machine. It is a fast way to securely unitize small bundles of plastic pipe, conduit, aluminum extrusions, wood molding, dowels, metal rods, or any other bundle as small as W40 x H30mm (W1-1/2 x H1-1/8 in)*. With many of the features found on the SQ-800, including easy strap loading, lubrication-free operation, and safe dual tensioning, the SQ-800 is a unique machine for strapping small bundles.

Standard Specifications (Arch size 650 mm wide x 400 mm high or 25″ wide x 16″ high)

*Subject to shape and conditions of the actual package/bundles.

Strapping Speed

The standard strapping rate is 54 straps/min, even with tension applied. The machine is ready to operate in less than 25 seconds, contributing to increased packaging line efficiencies.

Less Dusting and Less Moving Parts, with Self-Lubricating Design

The upgraded sealing head utilizing DC motors means less moving parts and less dusting from plastic strapping. It also reduces the maintenance cost. Strapack's signature self-lubricating design also reduces wear and tear, makes maintenance easier, and increase the operational life of the polypropylene strapping machine.

Optional Features

Adjustable Table height for easy integration in packaging lines Foot Bar Switch for hands-dree operation Cycle Counter.