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BB-2 Bottom Belt Case Taper

The BB-2 case taper from Eastey is an efficient solution for sealing large quantities of boxes at an affordable cost. A versatile machine that seals both the top and bottom of cases, the BB-2 is designed to handle a variety of sizes. It boasts self-centering side rails, a durable bottom belt drive, and a heavy-duty mast that can easily adapt to different box sizes.

The BB-2’s reliable and straightforward design has established it as one of the most dependable case tapers available, helping minimize production and maintenance costs while providing a fast and efficient alternative to manual taping. The BB-2’s adjustable side rails allow for quick and easy case changes, with flexibility ranging from 5˝ to infinite box length. It can seal boxes between 6˝ to 21˝ in width and 4˝ to 20.5˝ in depth, offering great flexibility.

The BB-2 has easy-to-use hand-tighten knobs on a single mast design that allows adjustments on the fly. The open design of the BB-2 is ideal for integrating with inkjet printers when box coding is required. Overall, the Eastey BB-2 case taper is a reliable, versatile, and durable option for businesses that require fast and efficient case-sealing solutions.

SB-2EX Random Side Belt Case Taper

Eastey’s SB-2EX Random is a reliable case taper that can handle various box sizes without the need for manual adjustments. Its unique and straightforward design has made it a popular choice for companies looking for fast and efficient alternatives to hand taping.

The SB-2EX Random features side belts designed for heavy-weight, narrow, or small boxes, with the case taper able to handle boxes that most other case tapers cannot. The SB-2EX Random is an ideal choice for void-fill random cases and for packaged products that don’t support the box.

One of the key features of the SB-2EX Random is its easy-to-load top and bottom tape cartridges, which can seal boxes as narrow as 4.5” wide and as low as 4.5” tall. The side rail and tape head height adjustments are made automatically when the case is presented to the automatic sensors, reducing maintenance efforts and keeping production to a minimum.

It should be noted that the SB-2EX Random’s built-in memory function adjusts to the maximum box depth, eliminating the need for full travel of the tape head and reducing wear and tear on the machine.