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With over 30 years of experience producing folding cartons, Sterling Packaging LLC. serves customers within a wide range of industries throughout the United States and Canada


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You can come to us or We can come to you, we support all major makes and models. We can even bring along required consumables upon request.

Consumables & Equipment Sales

Look no further than UTSI when you have a packaging issue. From rebuilt equipment to brand new Signode models & parts, UTSI has you covered. Unique Technical Services specializes in Power strapping equipment, Stretch wrap systems, Shrink bundling systems, Conveyor systems, PLC support, Robotics, Hand strapping tools and every consumable this equipment needs.

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Sterling Packing

Our client base spans various industries, including food and beverage, consumer products, hardware, industrial components, pharmaceuticals, beauty, and confectionery, from small businesses to Fortune 500 giants. Our services are tailored to meet various marketing needs, whether launching a new product, undergoing a rebranding initiative, or aiming to reduce your environmental footprint.

Sterling Packaging Services

Our deep expertise and proven track record enable us to deliver efficient and impactful solutions to support your goals. Let us assist in achieving your objectives with our comprehensive expertise.

Our corporate vision of “whatever we can conceive and believe, we can achieve” will help your business in 5 ways:

  • Our commitment to seeing that our clients succeed.
  • Our ability to provide short lead times – we call it, “Express Manufacturing.”
  • Our ability to remain flexible and adapt to change.
  • Our commitment to quality and service.
  • Our competetive pricing model, and exceptional value.

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