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Family-owned TEUFELBERGER is a diversified, international group successfully specializing in fiber ropes, steel wire ropes and strapping. Innovation, steady growth, and geographic expansion are firmly defined goals in the group strategy.   UTSI is proud to offer Teufelberger strapping products in the US market.


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You can come to us or We can come to you, we support all major makes and models. We can even bring along required consumables upon request.

Consumables & Equipment Sales

Look no further than UTSI when you have a packaging issue. From rebuilt equipment to brand new Signode models & parts, UTSI has you covered. Unique Technical Services specializes in Power strapping equipment, Stretch wrap systems, Shrink bundling systems, Conveyor systems, PLC support, Robotics, Hand strapping tools and every consumable this equipment needs.

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Strapping band made from polypropylene and polyester – better.safe

Safety, Performance and Sustainability are the three pillars of our strapping division and determining our daily actions. Safety, on the one hand for our employees and customers and on the other hand as load unit security in transportation. The exceptional good performance is reflected within our product innovations, our outstanding service and the long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Last but not least, sustainability as a daily companion in product development, trainings and considerate handling of resources. better.safe

TYCOON® polyester strapping:
The ideal packaging solution to strap extremely heavy or difficult-to-secure goods to pallets, from bricks to fiber bales and steel coils. TEUFELBERGER strapping makes transporting your products safer. Furthermore, this strapping is ideal to replace steel strapping.

TEWE® polypropylene strapping:
The versatile solution for all kinds of transport packaging such as for textiles, furniture, newspapers, cartons, roof tiles, and glass bottles.

HQ Printing Solutions – printed polypropylene and polyester strapping:
Design your product packaging solution to your individual needs and preferences. By printing information onto strapping, it is given valuable functions such as anti-theft protection, proof of product origin, and advertising. Thanks to our 4-color printing solution, your design options are limitless.

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