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Shanklin form-fill seal shrink wrappers are the shrink machines of choice for many high-volume shrink packaging operations. Bundled with impressive features, and backed by a strong reputation for quality and innovation, these shrink wrapping machines deliver reliable high-speed shrink packaging for today’s industrial workplace.

Some of the most well-known machines in the Shanklin product line include:

The Shanklin HySpeed Servo Series

The Shanklin HySpeed Servo Series shrink wrap machine is a versatile solution designed to adapt to ever-changing production requirements. With the HS Servo 15 and 19 side-sealing models, and HS-2 and HS-4 overlap-sealing models, the machine range boasts various useful features, such as automatic product handling and the capability to operate a wide variety of product sizes and shapes. Moreover, all models are approved by the USDA for use in food processing.

The Shanklin F Series

Shanklin’s F Series shrink wrap machine is a state-of-the-art horizontal form-fill-sealer that offers an effortless and efficient packaging solution. It comes equipped with programmable controls that simplify troubleshooting, variable settings that enable smooth product changeover, and adaptable conveyor speeds that ensure precise product management. F Series machines are also fully adjustable and boast photoelectric sensor systems, automatically accounting for package length changes.

The Shanklin Triumph 2 Wrapper

Shanklin’s Triumph 2 form-fill-seal wrapper offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for applications that require advanced features beyond an L-sealer but not as many as high-speed automatic wrappers. Equipped with an array of standard features and built to last, the Shanklin Triumph 2 Wrapper is one of the top choices for shrink packaging. With its impressive capabilities and exceptional value, the Shanklin-made machine is an ideal mid-range solution for various packaging needs.

Unique Technical Services, Inc. (UTSI) proudly services Shanklin machines. Additionally, look no further than UTSI when you have a packaging issue. From rebuilt equipment to brand-new models & parts, UTSI has you covered.

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